Hans Prugger. Master of Klettersteige

A via ferrata is not growing from the bottom up, as might have guessed, but arises from the top down. First, there is a rough line in the mind of the builder, which is in Ramsau am Dachstein mountain guide Hans Prugger. The “Irg” is already his 18th Klettersteig. Then the rock is inspected. “This is done by going down and then I climb up again,” explains Prugger. Only then the exact route is determined. Hans Prugger takes care for rockfall, but also on good ascents and descents. Bolt, kicks, anchors, cable lengths etc. are measured and ordered. Then the material flight takes place. At a distance of 50 meters material deposits are applied. Why 50 meters? “Because the cable of the drill is no longer,” explains Hans Prugger, who are full-time guide. The Mountain Climbing ropes are cut to 30 meters and weigh, depending on their thickness, around 50 kilos.
After the flight of the material ( “The pilot and me are a team, otherwise errors would be fatal.”) a fixed rope over the entire rock height is stretched. This fixed rope serves to ensure that Hans Prugger can climb up or down quickly. “The weather changes in the mountains rapidly” explains Hans Prugger “so you have to be fast.
With a 50 kilo genny, drill, anchor bolt and fixing mass the klettersteig is growing on the rock. On the question of where these metal ropes originate, Prugger says with a smile: “We recycle. All ropes are old and formerly used as lift and gondola parts of Planai and Dachstein. And the bolts are Ramsauer Blacksmithing. ” Today, 18 Klettersteige are acessible form Ramsau am Dachstein. And all made from Hans Prugger.

Quelle: Der Dachsteiner

Hans Prugger beim Bau des Skywalk Klettersteigs

Hans Prugger beim Bau des Skywalk Klettersteigs

The Dachstein – Steinerweg with mountainguide

The Steinerweg through the Dachstein southwall is an alpine classic. The Steiner Brothers, Franz and Irg, commit their way the first time in 1909. The tour takes you through the Dachstein southwall, has about 900m vertical drop and is usually in Grade 4 to 4+ with some places (Schluchtüberhang) in 5+. The climb up the wall is about 7 hours, the boarding additional 2 hours. Hans Prugger, the host, is a certified mountain guide and has countless times ascended the Steinerweg. Anyone who wants to climb the Steinerweg with Hans Prugger should contact us. For further information we are always available to take your calls.

For the filming of the first ascent by the Dachstein southwall the cousins Hans and Api Prugger climbed in historic climbing equipment.


Hans und Api Prugger in historischer Kletterausrüstung

Hans und Api Prugger in historischer Kletterausrüstung

Bergführerbüro Ramsau am Dachstein

Hans Prugger, host and certified mountain guide, heads the Bergführerbüro Ramsau am Dachstein. Climbing as a passion which he made to his profession. Since 1999, Hans Prugger has designed and built all via ferratas (Klettersteig) in the Dachstein southwall.

At Landhaus Birgbichler you can directly book Hans Prugger as a mountain guide.

Here are the top 10 adventures with Hans Prugger:

  • Summit Dachstein (glacier and klettersteig)
  • Via Ferrata “Irg” at the Koppenkarstein
  • Super-Ferrata – Via ferrata “Anna”, “Johann” and up to the Dachstein summit
  • Via Ferrata Silberkar – 3 klettersteig in one day – Hias, Siega, Rosina
  • Climbing at the “Dirndl”
  • Via Ferrata beginner course
  • Basic course glacier and alpinism
  • Ice climbing at Untertal
  • Skimo tour Dachstein glacier to Ramsau
  • Skimo tour Dachstein glacier to Gröbming

Operation Dachstein Southwall