Sleigh tour on the sun plateau

Top 10 winter adventures in Ramsau am Dachstein

1. Cross-country skiing under the stars

Ramsau am Dachstein is the Nordic center in the Alps. Up to 220 kilometers of trails are available in perfect winters. At the World Cup Stadium is a 4 km long night trail with floodlit from 17-21 pm. But the real adventure is to run with a headlamp under the starry sky.

2. ride Loipi

Once a week there is the possibility to ride with a snow-groomer. Here you can experience how slopes for cross-country are designed. For our guests the participation is for free.

3. Ice Climbing in Untertal

Also, a special treat is ice climbing. Under the lead of Hans Prugger you can climb a waterfall up with ice ax and crampons. Keen insights and goosebumps guaranteed.

4. Austria’s national ski tour

The Nationl ski tour is 25 kilometers long, partly prepared and suitable for beginners. Start is at the Dachstein glacier and leads to Obertraun. The trip is organized by buses.

5. Sleigh ride through the Ramsau plateau

Ramsau am Dachstein has probably a higher population on horses than on people. In winter, many of the horses are clamped in slide and lead guests comfortably around the Kulmberg. Perfect time for a ride would be at full moon.

6. Mountain biking in winter

Approximately 70 km of hiking trails for hikers and sleigh are present in Ramsau am Dachstein. With Alpine Fatbikes, which are mountain bikes with extra fat tires, it goes excellently on those tracks.

7. Powder Pass

Who wants to ski in deep powder should take one day of training course for the “Powder Pass”. You learn a lot about snowconditions, correct use of avalanche transceivers (LVS) and snow profile reading. For safe fun in deep powder.

8. Snow Festival

The welcome Snow Festival takes place 5 – 6 times at the Rittisberg. Approximately 60 people offer great showprogram on snow and in the air. “Glühwein” and a prize draw may not be missing here.

9. Visit the roof of Styria

An extraordinary experience is a winter ascent of the Dachstein with Hans Prugger. For those who prefer less adventurous can start from the Dachstein Glacier for a ski trip.

10. Why Culinary

Along the winter hiking trails and slopes there are about 30 huts and old farmhouses. Enjoy super food, handmade with local products, mostly organic and always really delicious.