Hans and Api in historical climbing equipment

The Dachstein – Steinerweg with mountainguide

The Steinerweg through the Dachstein southwall is an alpine classic. The Steiner Brothers, Franz and Irg, commit their way the first time in 1909. The tour takes you through the Dachstein southwall, has about 900m vertical drop and is usually in Grade 4 to 4+ with some places (Schluchtüberhang) in 5+. The climb up the wall is about 7 hours, the boarding additional 2 hours. Hans Prugger, the host, is a certified mountain guide and has countless times ascended the Steinerweg. Anyone who wants to climb the Steinerweg with Hans Prugger should contact us. For further information we are always available to take your calls.

For the filming of the first ascent by the Dachstein southwall the cousins Hans and Api Prugger climbed in historic climbing equipment.


Hans und Api Prugger in historischer Kletterausrüstung